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Re: Howto set default text file type to DOS/Text under release 1.7 BETA

On 10/28/2009 07:59 AM, Niels Hallenberg wrote:

I have just installed release 1.7 under Windows 7, 64bit. The
setup.exe program seems to have changed and you can't any longer set
the Default Text File Type to DOS/Text. I have a lot of scripts that
won't run under bash as long as the extra CR's are not removed. I know
of the tool doc2unix, however there are other obstacles too so having
the auto-conversion is the best solution for me.


I can, using the mount-command

$ mount -f -o text,posix=0 c: /cygdrive/c

change the mode to text:


However, this does not fix the problem and I still get the error:

$ ./
./ line 1: $'\r': command not found
./ line 13: syntax error: unexpected end of file


Any ideas?

Have you tried all Eric's advice in his bash upgrade announcements? <>

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