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Re: text emacs issues and solution

On 10/28/2009 01:52 AM, Kurt Harriger wrote:
I was having some trouble with text based emacs under cygwin.
The C-x C-c to exit was for some reason being interpreted as C-x C-g.
After some googling around I found that export CYGWIN=tty seemed to fix the key
sequence, however this also introduced new problems.  Namely, after exiting
emacs my input is no longer echoed back and reset doesn't seem to work
either.  I had about given up on it, but I started using screen for
copy and paste
and I found that while I was using screen emacs key bindings now
worked correctly and there was no weird side effects after leaving emacs as
before so I though I would post this really quick so that  if/when others
have this problem they will have a better solution those I found.

Emacs in a Windows console won't work correctly because emacs wants a tty..
That's why setting 'tty' in your Cygwin environment variable (and reloading
cygwin1.dll to be safe) works. Using rxvt, mintty, xterm, or other terminal
program will work too. Not sure about your post-emacs problems, unless they're
referring to interactions with pure Win32 console programs. If not and you have
unloaded and reloaded cygwin1.dll after adding 'tty' to your CYGWIN environment
variable, that may be an emacs bug. If you want to report that, see

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