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Cygwin 1.7, who version 7.0 does not respond with a value

when I type the who command within a Cygwin window, only an empty line is returned. 

The man page states that who prints info about users who are logged in.
What I have found so far is that 
-H returns headers
-q returns # users=0

while who with the -a, -b, -d, -l, --lookup, -m, -p, -r, -s, -t, -T, -w, -u options returns a blank line.

I checked /var/log/wtmp and /var/run/utmp and they exist, with permissions of 770 and a size of 0.

I grepped through /usr/share and found references to utmp in uptime and w. Right now, uptime is reporting the correct time, days, but says there are 0 users. uptime -V says procps version 3.2.7.
w shows the update information, along with headers, but no data.
I tried to do a man on utmp(5), but our installation doesn't have that installed.

It looks, to me, as if perhaps we are missing some setup that results in entries being written to utmp when a local Cygwin window is opened. I've just not been able to determine what that is yet.

Has anyone on the list encountered and solved this issue yourself? What steps did you take?  Thanks!


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