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Re: Bash - IF Statement

<>. Reformatted.

On 10/27/2009 05:34 PM, briglass111 wrote:
Andrew Schulman-3 wrote:

good job, bash

This is the Cygwin list. Please take non-Cygwin-related comments elsewhere.

before i knew that bash was white-space picky, i thought this may be a cygwin issue because i read a bit about people saying bash is different in cygwin than in unix, and i got the if-statement code from a website about unix, and when it didn't run in cygwin's bash i figured it was a cygwin-specific issue

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Yes, I recognize this statement is a paradox. ;-)

thanks, andrew schulman, for taking a detour from your sad life to post that

Actually, Andrew's life is very happy. He's full of exuberance and glee. We just
restrain him on this list so that it doesn't show. It just wouldn't be fair to have
him flaunting his happiness in the face of the rest of us who live a life of tedium
and despair on the Cygwin list...


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