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Re: Running Java application with drag and drop support in cygwin

On 10/27/2009 03:14 AM, Dees wrote:

I have developed a Java application involving jTree with extensive
drag and drop support, which runs correctly in my Linux box. However,
when I switch to a windows box and access the same Linux box using
cygwin x-server, the drag and drop in jTree stops working.
Interestingly, rest of the application still works fine. After
analyzing a bit I found that x-server is able to recognize the drag
event but fails to recognize a drop event.

Is there any setting, which should be done prior to running the Java
swing applications?

Here is a sample code which behaves in exactly same way.

May be my problem is related to some setting. Though, not sure.
Has anybody come across something similar? What should be done then?
Please let me know.

Since the implication is that there is a tie-in with X, your best bet is to contact the cygwin-xfree list. Although there is overlap between the two lists, that one is designated for X problems, issues, and questions.

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