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Re: crontab 1.12 issuing error about

--- On Tue, 10/27/09, Pierre A. Humblet <> wrote:

> From: Pierre A. Humblet <>
> ----- Original Message ----- 

> There are instructions in
> /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cron-XXX.README
> In principle running cron-config and reading the crontan
> and cron man
> pages suffice.
> In your case the main problem is the way you have setup the
> CAS\Olentangy
> user. You have never explained that. So the suggestion is
> to reinstall with
> cron-config and run cron under the SYSTEM account.

Thanks - I'll ask the admin to do just that.

> Thanks but my request was to run "cygcheck -srv"

Sorry for my misreading of your request. I've attached the output from cygcheck -src to this mail.

> That makes perfect sense. cron started under the ntsa13
> account (the admin)
> and could not run your (lwv27) crontab.
> Did you see anything in the log about ntsa13's crontab
> commands?

This is all that I see in the event log, and I still don't see a cron.log anywhere.

2009/10/26 15:07:02 [ntsa13] /usr/sbin/cron: PID 18644: (CRON) error (can't switch user context)
2009/10/26 15:10:01 [ntsa13] /usr/sbin/cron: PID 16116: (lwv27) CMD (/home/lwv27/bin/cron.sPATH)
2009/10/26 15:10:01 [ntsa13] /usr/sbin/cron: PID 16116: (CRON) error (can't switch user context)

Thank you again for your help. My admin has no unix or cygwin experience, and I have no windows or cygwin experience, so we are trying to tag team the problem to figure out how to resolve things. Your help has been very useful.


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