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Re: ash "gotcha", other 1.7 upgrade wrinles

On 10/26/2009 05:09 PM, Eliot Moss wrote:
Dear cygwin team --

I went through the upgrade and have a couple of suggestions
for information to go out with the 1.7 release ...

- In my experience, I have to rebase everything (Windows 7, like
Vista, shows this fork-failure behavior depending on where dll's
load into virtual memory); that's ok, though not fun

I haven't found that on any of my Win7 installations but that probably reflects more my usage than yours. Still rebasing everything is probably overkill, though likely easier to do.

- But part of rebasing is to use ash (since it does not tie down
so many dlls and all, I believe) ... but ash is not there!

- After a while, I found "dash", which appears to be "ash" under
a different name. I found the change gratuitous and surprising.
Users will need to be warned, I think, or the name changed back.

It is not gratuitous. 'ash' is now 'dash' instead of 'bash'. Dash is a more standards compliant shell which is also faster.

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