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ash "gotcha", other 1.7 upgrade wrinles

Dear cygwin team --

I went through the upgrade and have a couple of suggestions
for information to go out with the 1.7 release ...

- In my experience, I have to rebase everything (Windows 7, like
Vista, shows this fork-failure behavior depending on where dll's
load into virtual memory); that's ok, though not fun

- But part of rebasing is to use ash (since it does not tie down
so many dlls and all, I believe) ... but ash is not there!

- After a while, I found "dash", which appears to be "ash" under
a different name. I found the change gratuitous and surprising.
Users will need to be warned, I think, or the name changed back.

- I also found it wise to tell setup to uninstall and reinstall
pretty much everything. (I did not want to wipe the hierarchy
because of my own added stuff, particularly my user files.)

So far, so good, once I accomplished the rebasing and a perl
fix that I have to keep doing so that svk will work (Cwd does
the wrong thing for cygwin).

Hope there's something useful to you here ... Eliot Moss

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