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Re: mark/copy text to clipboard without a mouse in rxvt or mintty

2009/10/26 Kurt Harriger:
> When using the cmd window you can mark text using Alt-Space for menu,
> E for edit, Enter to begin mark, position cursor to start of
> selection, hold shift position cursor to end and press enter to copy
> to clipboard, and finally Alt-Space, E, P to paste. Although its an
> annoyingly long key sequence its pretty much automatic and I don't
> think about it much, but the block mode often requires multiple
> selections which is just awful even with a mouse.
> I ran across a blog comment somewhere suggesting using rxvt for easier
> copy/paste functionality. Although the mouse based copy/paste is
> certainly easier and fewer keystrokes required to paste text, I would
> much rather avoid the mouse as much as possible. ÂHowever, I cannot
> seem to find find any way to mark text with keyboard in rxvt. I also
> found mintty has a lot of nice options, but still can't seem to find
> any way to copy text without a mouse. Am I missing something?

Apple's has such a feature, but I don't know of any open
source terminal that has it. Except for the special case of GNU
screen, although there you're limited to copy&pasting within screen,
but perhaps that'd be sufficient?

For mintty, there's this enhancement issue: You may want to
vote for it by "starring" it. It would take quite a lot of tuits to
implement though, so don't hold your breath.


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