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Plans for release of 1.7?

Dear cygwin crew --

Since I moved to Windows 7, I get those annoying pop-up windows from many
cygwin programs. This does appear to be fixed under 1.7, so I am eager to move
forward, but this would be (for me) production use. Hence, following your
suggestions I am waiting. Just wondering if you now have a better estimate on
when 1.7.1 will be released, or if you would recommend for/against going ahead
and using the latest available 1.7.0.

Thanks for all the good work!

Eliot Moss

PS: Random comment: Concerning LaTeX, I ended up switching to MiKTeX, which is
more actively maintained, can automatically download missing/new packages,
etc. It installed quite easily, and after updating my path-related variables,
all my previous cygwin bash scripts for hacking LaTeX-related things worked
without modification. So, I'm no longer sure of the value of a cygwin-specific
TeX/LaTeX group of packages. (Maybe this comment should go to a different list
:-) .)

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