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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] NEW: {pth/libpth20/libpth-devel}-2.0.7-2

Pth is a very portable POSIX/ANSI-C based library for Unix platforms
which provides non-preemptive priority-based scheduling for multiple
threads of execution (aka `multithreading') inside event-driven
applications. All threads run in the same address space of the server
application, but each thread has its own individual program-counter,
run-time stack, signal mask and errno variable.  That is, GNU Pth is
a user-mode threading library.

At present, pth on cygwin does not allow the use of fork() in client
applications, so it has been disabled:
  pth_fork() always returns -1 with errno=ENOSYS
  fork() is redirected by pth.h to call pth_fork()
This will be corrected once cygwin implements the sigstack() and
sigaltstack() system calls, which is expected sometime after cygwin
version 1.7.1 is released. See /usr/share/doc/fork-bug/README after
installation for more information.

pth is a prerequisite for (unmodified) GnuPG2 and libassuan.  This
build passes all internal self-tests, but has one known cygwin-specific
deficiency as mentioned above. The distribution includes a test case in
/usr/share/doc/pth/fork-bug/.  If you don't use fork(), pth works fine
and is generally quite a bit faster (and supposedly more secure) than
native threads such as pthreads.

[[ compiled using gcc-4.3.4-1 ]]

Charles Wilson
volunteer pth maintainer for cygwin


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