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Re: dg-error vs. i18n?

On Oct 24 06:47, Andy Koppe wrote:
> 2009/10/24 Charles Wilson:
> > [cross-posted to cygwin list]
> >
> > Background for cygwin list: Dave discovered a problem running some of
> > the gcc tests. ?The tests were run in the "C" locale, but in so doing
> > they assumed an ascii encoding (specifically, that "'" would match ' in
> > test patterns -- but the program actually emitted those fancy curled
> > quotes which did not match ').
> Do you mean they explicitly set the "C" locale?
> Hmm. Now that we've got the "C.UTF-8" default, "C" could actually go
> back to mean ASCII. With no locale variables set, the console and
> filesystem would use UTF-8 anyway, as would applications that call
> setlocale(,""). Only applications that don't call setlocale() would be
> using the "C" locale and hence ASCII, as but that'd be fine as either
> they don't care about it or they actually expect to be using ASCII.

Oh boy.  That's not just an easy one liner patch.

Can I get a STC which shows the aforementioned problem?


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