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Re: dg-error vs. i18n?

Andy Koppe wrote:
> 2009/10/24 Charles Wilson:
>> [cross-posted to cygwin list]
>> Background for cygwin list: Dave discovered a problem running some of
>> the gcc tests.  The tests were run in the "C" locale, but in so doing
>> they assumed an ascii encoding (specifically, that "'" would match ' in
>> test patterns -- but the program actually emitted those fancy curled
>> quotes which did not match ').
> Do you mean they explicitly set the "C" locale?

  Yes, exactly that.  When I run the testcases at the command line and pipe
stderr into "od -c", I can see where I get multibyte characters instead of
apostrophes.  Setting LC_ALL and LANG to C.CP437 gets me genuine apostrophes
instead of fancy quotes at the command line, although I haven't figured out
how to get the testsuite to DTRT yet.

> Actually, we do: "C.ASCII". 

  Ah, that's funny.  I thought I had tried both "C.ASCII" and "C.US-ASCII" and
neither of them worked, but now I see that plain old "ASCII" does indeed work
just fine.  Must have fat-fingered something.  (Ah, thanks history buffer!  I
see I managed to use a lower-case 'c'!)  Mystery solved.


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