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Re: dg-error vs. i18n?

2009/10/24 Charles Wilson:
> [cross-posted to cygwin list]
> Background for cygwin list: Dave discovered a problem running some of
> the gcc tests. ÂThe tests were run in the "C" locale, but in so doing
> they assumed an ascii encoding (specifically, that "'" would match ' in
> test patterns -- but the program actually emitted those fancy curled
> quotes which did not match ').

Do you mean they explicitly set the "C" locale?

Hmm. Now that we've got the "C.UTF-8" default, "C" could actually go
back to mean ASCII. With no locale variables set, the console and
filesystem would use UTF-8 anyway, as would applications that call
setlocale(,""). Only applications that don't call setlocale() would be
using the "C" locale and hence ASCII, as but that'd be fine as either
they don't care about it or they actually expect to be using ASCII.

> Dave Korn wrote:
>> Thanks, that was it. ÂHad to use "C.CP437" in the end, apparently we have
>> charset encoding names for lots of OEM code pages but none for plain vanilla

Actually, we do: "C.ASCII". Except it's 8-bit rather than 7-bit as
elsewhere, making it practically the same as "C.ISO-8859-1".


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