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Re: dg-error vs. i18n?

Charles Wilson wrote:
> [cross-posted to cygwin list]

[ Cross-post broken and CC list trimmed; I don't think we need trouble the GCC
list with this again until we have a patch that says what kind of
target-dependent changes we want to make to the testsuite files to set LANG
and LC_ALL correctly for our platform. ]

> Background for cygwin list: Dave discovered a problem running some of
> the gcc tests.  The tests were run in the "C" locale, but in so doing
> they assumed an ascii encoding (specifically, that "'" would match ' in
> test patterns -- but the program actually emitted those fancy curled
> quotes which did not match ').
> Dave Korn wrote:
>> Thanks, that was it.  Had to use "C.CP437" in the end, apparently we have
>> charset encoding names for lots of OEM code pages but none for plain vanilla
> That's interesting. I had thought "ascii" was a fairly common encoding
> name; I know I've seen both 'encoding="ascii"' and 'encoding="us-ascii"'
> in XML documents.  Maybe we (cygwin) should add an explicit
> plain-old-ascii encoding name?

  This was tangentially referenced in the recent thread "Re: "C" UTF-8
trouble" on the -developers list.


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