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Re: bash 3.2.49(23): when I start a bash window, $HOME is the DOS value rather than /home/lwv27

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 13:47, Dave Korn
<> wrote:
> ÂThe home dir won't just appear when you update mkpasswd; you have to start a
> new shell, when the /etc/profile startup script notices your home dir setting
> doesn't exist it'll kick of the creation process for you.
> ÂFor the full explanation, see:


Dave is right.  Creating a new shell is a much better way to get the
home directory created.  Here is an excerpt from /etc./profile.

50 # If the home directory doesn't exist, create it.
51 if [ ! -d "${HOME}" ]; then
52     mkdir -p "${HOME}"
53     echo "Copying skeleton files."
54     echo "These files are for the user to personalise"
55     echo "their cygwin experience."
56     echo
57     echo "These will never be overwritten."
58     echo
59     cd /etc/skel
60     /bin/find . -type f | while read f; do
61         fDest=`echo ${f} | sed -e 's/^\.//g'`
62         if [ ! -e "${HOME}${fDest}" -a ! -L "${HOME}${fDest}" ]; then
63             /usr/bin/install -D -p -v "${f}" "${HOME}/${fDest}"
64         fi
65     done
66 fi

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