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Re: Rsync link-dest not working for a host with the most recent rsync/cygwin 1.7

Chris Francy wrote:
> First things first, I have narrowed it down and learned something that
> resolves the issue for what I am trying to do.
> For versions of rsync before 2.5.6 you could not use the link-dest
> reliably unless you copy the permissions/ownership information.  With
> newer versions of rsync this is not necessary.

Glad you were able to figure out a work-around. And it's good to know
what worked for you, for future reference.


> So to demonstrate the link-dest function on my linux box here is a
> simple example using relative directories including the output on my
> backup server (debian linux 5.0) (
> I have a test case ( that I ran against
> both two of my systems to demonstrate the difference in behavior.
> Here ( is my output when I run the
> command on my backup server to get the stuff off my 1.5 host.
> Here ( is my output when I run the command
> on my backup server to get the stuff off my 1.7 host.  In this case
> the test file in the two destination directories are not hard linked
> together like in the 1.5 case.  I also noticed that in the the uid/gid
> is set differently compared to the 1.5 system.
> So it appears something about permissions isn't coming across the same
> as it was on cygwin 1.5. 

Likely. But that doesn't really answer the question of *why* link-dest
is failing to work properly when ownerships and perms are preserved.
Even if Cygwin-1.7's rsync is sending bollixed up uid/gid/perms to
Debian's rsync, link-dest on the Debian side should still work. Since
link-dest is not working, I infer that either:

(1) For any given unchanged file, Cygwin-1.7's rsync reports a different
set of uid/gid/perms values every time it runs.


(2) Debian's rsync is unable to faithfully preserve the uid/gid/perms
values of files previously saved from Cygwin-1.7's rsync, so that every
time such a backup is run, Debian rsync sees the uid/gid/perms as changed.

I don't think (1) is at all likely, simply because I can't imagine how
such a bug would go undetected for so long. My hypothesis is the problem
could be (2).

> Since I don't care about the retaining the
> permissions, and I now have a version of rsync on both sides that
> allows me to use link-dest without copying permissions I am happy.  If
> someone wants to continue digging into this further I am still
> available.

Thanks in advance for indulging me just a little bit further.

Could you re-run your Cygwin-1.7 test case with --itemize-changes added
to the rsync command-line? That should provide a hint at what Debian's
rsync thinks is different between its existing file copy and Cygwin's
source file. Also, I would like to see what Cygwin's 'stat' command says
about the source file on the Windows box.


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