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Re: gawk Has Problem With CRLF in Mixed Binary/Text Files

P.A.Long wrote:
Dave Korn wrote:
t.a.n.s.t.a.a.f.l@ wrote:

[ ... ] but as can be seen by the attached files, the downloaded gawk executable always changes CRLF to LF,

Is this what you're looking for?


[ ... continues ... ]

cheers, DaveK


Didn't work (see attached file). Of course, I could have set BINMODE the wrong way, but I used the -v method to make sure that it got set before the BEGIN action. If U see anything wrong with what I've done, please tell me; I'm not too proud to admit silly mistakes!

And speaking of silly mistakes, I should have looked at the manpage for gawk *and* at the documentation for Cygwin before I posted; I'll do that tomorrow. I'll post anything I find; in the meantime, at the suggestion of David Dyck, I'll be running a2p on my gawk script and using perl instead.

                    Thx, Phil Long
 << File:  cygwinGawk-withBINMODEset.stillNotWorking >>


Sigh ... boy, is my face red; I didn't look close enough at my output. I guess it's always a better idea to check the message *before* U send it then after.

Thx, Phil Long

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