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Re: gawk Has Problem With CRLF in Mixed Binary/Text Files

I don't have an answer to your specific problem. But as a side issue, I see that your PATH is very long. You might consider using a lot of hard links say in a directory /lbin with a buch of hard links to the real executables in other directories. You can then shorten PATH and remove those duplicate directories. Just be sure that /bin:/lbin is in PATH. The hard links would have to be recreated if you perform any upgrades to some things.

Hard links works outside of cygwin since they are implemented at the MS filesystem level. Cygwin symbolic links are different from MS symbolic links. Choose wisely. Reminder: hard links can't cross FS boundaries

P.A.Long wrote: wrote:

I am using a gawk script on files that contain both printing characters and binary data. Gawk is used to modify a few of the printing characters, and I expected that the binary data should be left alone. For the most part, it is, but upon occasion a CRLF will appear inside some of the binary data. All my mounts are binary (see cygcheck.srv, which is from my laptop), but as can be seen by the attached files, the downloaded

*** snip ***

sigh ... didn't get 'cygcheck.srv' attached; sorry about that!

                    Thx, Phil Long
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