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Re: Problems with libintl-8

John Coppens wrote:

> When I run the program from Windows, I get a complaint that
> 'libintl-8.dll' is not found. It _is_ in \cygwin\bin   - just in case, I
> reinstalled it from setup.exe (Yesterday's version), same luck.

  Are you sure you copied that error message completely 100% accurately?  The
filename ought to be "cygintl-8.dll", not "libintl-8.dll".

> Just to be sure, I also reinstalled the entire Cygwin package with the
> newer setup. Same thing.
> I don't know how Windows would find the .dll in \cygwin\bin - which is
> the mechanism? Don't I have to copy the dlls to \window\whatever? Or is
> there some path coded in the .exe?

  The full gory details are at that link in the other reply, but probably the
quickest and simplest answer for you is to add the cygwin bin dir to your PATH
settings in the windows environment variables.

  I'm assuming that you're trying to start the program from cmd.exe or by
double-clicking in explorer, rather than from a cygwin shell.  If you're
getting this error when you try and launch the executable from a shell,
something else is wrong.


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