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Re: Cygwin package manager

>  > On first look, it seems good.  Would you consider packaging it as a 
> Cygwin
>  > package?  You'd get more people using it that way.
>  >
>  > If you haven't maintained a Cygwin package before, it wouldn't be 
> much work
>  > to get this one going, since it's so simple.  I don't think I'd want to
>  > maintain it, but I'd be glad to help with the initial packaging.
> Thanks for the offer. I'd like to offer it as a package but I have a 
> question: how stringent is the package submission process? This is an 
> initial release and will have bugs to iron out. Is there a 
> minimum-maturity requirement for packages?

There's no maturity requirement as such.  For a package such as cyg-apt that
doesn't exist in other distros, you have to get 5 positive votes from current
package maintainers.  A clear explanation of what cyg-apt does that setup
doesn't, would probably go a long way towards that.

If you think the software needs more testing before it should go into general
release, then you can release it as a "Test" release, as described at the above
URL.  The disadvantage is that it won't be visible in setup unless people click
on the "Test" radio button at the top.  You can still ask people on this list to
test it. 

> If you do wish to experiment with using cyg-apt's wider functionality in 
> an automated context my first thoughts are:
> * run cyg-apt from Windows, rather than inside Cygwin to reduce the 
> number of packages cyg-apt can't manipulate to the bare minimum (cygwin, 
> coreutils). See the wiki for more info.

Anyone who tries to uninstall Base packages from within Cygwin, gets what they

I suppose though, that you'd run into trouble trying to upgrade Python, or
certainly Cygwin, from cyg-apt running in Cygwin.

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