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Re: Cygwin package manager

> I am working on a Cygwin package manager with an interface resembling 
> apt-get.
> It's still a work in progress, but functional (commands below.)
> It would be great if some folks tried out the initial release and 
> provided me with some feedback.

On first look, it seems good.  Would you consider packaging it as a Cygwin
package?  You'd get more people using it that way.

If you haven't maintained a Cygwin package before, it wouldn't be much work
to get this one going, since it's so simple.  I don't think I'd want to
maintain it, but I'd be glad to help with the initial packaging.

It needs a man page.  Just a simple one that regurgitates the help text
would be a place to start, and you could add to it later as time permitted.

I know that setup.exe has command-line functionality, but I've never used
it much so I don't know how it compares to cyg-apt.  A full-featured
command line package manager would be good to have in Cygwin.  As one
example, I'm considering packaging Puppet for Cygwin, and one of the things
that would need to be added is a package management layer.  For that we'd
need a suitable command-line package manager, whether it's setup.exe or


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