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Cygwin 1.7 crontab question

I now have access to a Cygwin 1.7 installation. I've been trying things out and I am having a spot of trouble that I hope someone can help me through.

I created a crontab file. In it, I want to run a program from my $HOME/bin directory.

However, I don't know what environment variables the crontab entries will have. Will crontab know what "$HOME/bin/myscript.bash" is? When the time passed for my script to run, I don't see any indication that it happened. I looked in /var/log to see if there was any sort of logging of problems in crontab, but I don't see anything relevant. /var/log/messages is empty (as is /var/log/wtmp). I don't see any logs in /var/cron/tabs/ , and I don't see any relevant info in the crontab man page. In the cron man page there is a reference to using syslog if cron was built appropriately. I don't know any more about syslog, however, because there's no syslog man page.


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