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Re: Probably not a cygwin problem but help appreaciated

Thanks Dave but I don't think any of that applies with BaCon? BaCon 's
translated code dynamically loads and links with all (dll's, so's).
From the CygWin doc's it appears you need to run the x server first
before you use gtk. Such is not the case with BaCon created code.
I first wanted to see if code that ran on linux would run under cygwin
and most does.

The problem I was having is in one the last post relating to native
windows calls.


On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 12:58 PM, Dave Korn
<> wrote:
> James Fuller wrote:
>> "I did get Gtk from here: "
> ?You didn't read that page carefully enough: it says
> "These packages are not for developing or running programs that use the Cygwin
> Unix emulation environment. Cygwin has GTK+ packages available directly in its
> installer which you should use."
>> " I got all the Gtk+ individual packages plus all the Third Party with the
> check boxes. ?I put all the dll's in the cygwin/bin directory."
> ?That's very very wrong. ?Those are native win32 versions of the libraries.
> No good will come of it. ?Delete them all and use the Cygwin version instead:
> install libgtk2.0_0 using setup.exe.
> ?I have no idea if that'll solve all your problems, but it's not even worth
> beginning to try and debug the sort of problems you'll run into trying to use
> those DLLs under Cygwin.
> ? ?cheers,
> ? ? ?DaveK
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