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Re: Quantum LTO 4 tape drive and Cygwin 1.7?

On Oct 21 10:19, Jeffrey C. Smith wrote:
>> If you want to see the name of the tape drive on your system, just open
>> the Device Manager and then open the device tree element "Tape drives".
>> You should find an entry named like your tape device, for instance
>> "QUANTUM ULTRIUM 4" or something along these lines.  Double click opens
>> the Properties dialog.  There's a tab called "Tape Symbolic Name".  Open
>> it.  It will show you the string "tapeX" with X some number >= 0.  THis
>> is the same number to use in Cygwin.
> OK. I'm looking at the window titled "Quantum LTO 4 Tape Drive Properties" 
> under the tab titled "Tape Symbolic Name" and the tape name appears to be 
> "Tape2147483646" (that's a long way from tape0!).

Gosh.  That looks like a bug in Windows.  I'm sorry to say that, but
you'll be out of luck as far as Cygwin is concerned with this
extraordinary weird tape ID.  Cygwin only supports tapes from tape0 up
to tape127.  That should be really enough, who on earth has more than
128 tape drives connected to a single machine!

> Do you think the tape name "Tape2147483646" is a problem? At the bottom of 
> the "Tape Symbolic Name" tab there is a comment that says "Symbolic name 
> such as Tape0. It would seem that the name "Tape2147483646" is somewhat out 
> of the ordinary. BTW, 2147483646 is -2 in a two's complement 32 bit number. 
> Could this be some type of overflow/underflow error?
> Also, this is Windows 2008 R2. I'm told that 2008 R2 and Win 7 share the 
> same code base. Is 2008 R2 an officially supported platform for 1.7?

It's supposed to be, though right at the moment I haven't installed
a 2K8 R2 test system, just a W7 x64 system.  I'll check that again
in the next couple of days, but the tape ID you have on your system is
not ok.  I'd suggest to deinstall the driver, switch off the machine
and reboot.  Maybe the next time the tape drive gets a more sensible
ID.  If it sticks to this weird ID, I'd file an SRQ at Microsoft.


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