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Re: Rsync link-dest not working for a host with the most recent rsync/cygwin 1.7

First things first, I have narrowed it down and learned something that
resolves the issue for what I am trying to do.

For versions of rsync before 2.5.6 you could not use the link-dest
reliably unless you copy the permissions/ownership information.  With
newer versions of rsync this is not necessary.

Since I now have newer versions of rsync on both the backup server and
the hosts I am backing up I was able to omit the options to copy the
permissions/ownership information and things are being linked as I
expect them to.

I still find it a bit odd that this worked fine on a cygwin 1.5 setup
by not 1.7.

> On Oct 19 11:55 Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> On Oct 16 13:51, Chris Francy wrote:
>> It appears something about the about rsync or the 1.7 version of
>> cygwin is preventing the --link-destination function of rsync from
>> working. ?Files that have not been changed at all should be linked
>> together. ?On the hosts still running a cygwin 1.5 version of rsync
>> the link-destination seems to work exactly as I expect it to.
>> I am using dirvish ( on a Linux box (deb
>> 5.0.3) to backup some of the data on windows boxes in the network. ?I
>> have the cygwin+rsync setup in daemon mode on the servers.
> I'm not fluent with the --link-dest option. ?I'm also missing a hint
> what is wrong. ?Are you expecting hardlinks and get copies of the files?

Sorry.  Yes I am expecting identical files between to be hard-linked together.

> If I want to reproduce this locally, I need a testcase which allows
> to reproduce this with just a single file which gets rsynced locally,

So to demonstrate the link-dest function on my linux box here is a
simple example using relative directories including the output on my
backup server (debian linux 5.0) (

I have a test case ( that I ran against
both two of my systems to demonstrate the difference in behavior.

Here ( is my output when I run the
command on my backup server to get the stuff off my 1.5 host.

Here ( is my output when I run the command
on my backup server to get the stuff off my 1.7 host.  In this case
the test file in the two destination directories are not hard linked
together like in the 1.5 case.  I also noticed that in the the uid/gid
is set differently compared to the 1.5 system.

So it appears something about permissions isn't coming across the same
as it was on cygwin 1.5.  Since I don't care about the retaining the
permissions, and I now have a version of rsync on both sides that
allows me to use link-dest without copying permissions I am happy.  If
someone wants to continue digging into this further I am still


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