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Re: sshd / VC builds / Fatal Error C1902

<> Reformatted.

On 10/13/2009 05:40 PM, Egerton, Jim wrote:
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<>. Don't feed the spammers. They'll come back to bite you. Thanks.

The gist is that cl works from Windows, but dies with:

Fatal Error C1902: Program database manager mismatch;
please check your installation.

when invoked from a ssh session using a different account
than the account sshd is running under.

My first reaction to that would be to check that your PATH
variable is correct, especially if you have multiple versions
of Visual Studio installed. I've seen that message while
using one version of cl.exe, when PATH points to a different
version of mspdbsrv.exe.
Thanks for the suggestion.   The path is the same with bash from Windows
and bash from a ssh session.   I think this problem has come up before
and it was related to the sshd impersonation.   As others have noted, a
work around is to ssh in as the same user sshd runs under, but that makes
things messy when multiple users want to share the server.

So are you saying that one of the two new ways in 1.7 for pub-key authentication doesn't solve this problem?


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