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Re: Rsync link-dest not working for a host with the most recent rsync/cygwin 1.7

On Oct 16 13:51, Chris Francy wrote:
> It appears something about the about rsync or the 1.7 version of
> cygwin is preventing the --link-destination function of rsync from
> working.  Files that have not been changed at all should be linked
> together.  On the hosts still running a cygwin 1.5 version of rsync
> the link-destination seems to work exactly as I expect it to.
> I am using dirvish ( on a Linux box (deb
> 5.0.3) to backup some of the data on windows boxes in the network.  I
> have the cygwin+rsync setup in daemon mode on the servers.  I recently
> upgraded a couple of the boxes to the latest cygwin 1.7.  On the
> systems with cygwin 1.5 files are occasionally missed because of the
> path length limitations so I really want to get a cygwin 1.7 setup
> working.
> This is the command that is being issued by dirvish to perform the backup.
> rsync -vrltH --delete -pgo --stats -z -D --numeric-ids --timeout=300
> --exclude-from=/srv/dirvish/srv-01/2009101610/exclude
> --link-dest=/srv/dirvish/srv-01/2009101420/tree
> /srv/dirvish/srv-01/2009101610/tree

I'm not fluent with the --link-dest option.  I'm also missing a hint
what is wrong.  Are you expecting hardlinks and get copies of the files?

If I want to reproduce this locally, I need a testcase which allows
to reproduce this with just a single file which gets rsynced locally,
ideally using only simple, relative paths.
I'd like to know what the expected result is and what the actual result
is under Cygwin.


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