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Re: Contents of /usr/share/man/man2 is empty


I'm making my work on this subject available to any one who want to download my work. At
is a copy of the Linux/BSD manual pages of Section 2 of the man directory. If these man pages symbols are NOT in cygwin1.dll file, the files has been moved to a .deleted directory.

Please be advised that this TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL. They have NOT been reviewed for correctness with Cygwin. They are however a valuable resource. Enjoy. I would advised putting these pages into a local man directory, separate from system installation. They were downloaded from:
which were <PRE> pre-formatted .html files converted back to man files; including <B> & <I> processing for dumb rxvt windows.

Andy Koppe wrote:
2009/10/17 Paul McFerrin:
I noticed that /usr/share/man contains a "man2" sub-directory but it is
empty. Any particular reason? I have Category Cygwin-doc installed for
cygwin 1.7 but I am missing all man pages for Section 2 of the manual.

Section 2 is system calls, which don't exist on Cygwin, because it's a POSIX implementation on top of Win32 rather than an emulation of a Unix kernel.


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