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Re: Contents of /usr/share/man/man2 is empty

I already found a source: which contains ascii formatted man pages for Linux. I used curl(1) to download the man pages, converted back to man(1) format, and installed them. I'm sure there are other pages besides the syscall version. At least I have a more current copy. My old version is at least 10 years old. Before B20 of Cygwin.

Is Linux open-source?? Is is legal/possible to use these applicable pages?

Andy Koppe wrote:
2009/10/18 Paul McFerrin:
Yes, it is an emulation of a Kernel

No, there is no _syscall interface into the kernel as there is on Linux and elsewhere. Cygwin emulates the C library layer instead.

However, looking at my Debian system after installing the
'manpages-dev' package, 'man 2' is actually taken to mean 'library
system calls', i.e. it contains all the C-level wrappers around the
actual syscalls. Those include many standard POSIX functions that
Cygwin does implement, i.e. the likes of fork() and mknod().

So I guess a volunteer is needed to identify the pages that do apply
and package them up.

Apart from that, I find the POSIX spec is a great resource for this
sort of thing, e.g.:

And there are various online versions of the Linux man pages, e.g.:


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