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Re: Contents of /usr/share/man/man2 is empty

I'm a retired programmer, disabled, and several strokes. I find my use of man pages extremely useful. More than usual. Are you saying that Section 2 of the man pages really don't exist? That's a shame.

I'm off looking for a more recent Unix version.

Dave Korn wrote:
Andy Koppe wrote:
2009/10/17 Paul McFerrin:
I noticed that /usr/share/man contains a "man2" sub-directory but it is
empty. Any particular reason? I have Category Cygwin-doc installed for
cygwin 1.7 but I am missing all man pages for Section 2 of the manual.
Section 2 is system calls, which don't exist on Cygwin, because it's a
POSIX implementation on top of Win32 rather than an emulation of a
Unix kernel.

... so the answer to the question, "Why is it there", would be that it's a superfluous hanger on, debris, an epiphenomenal artifact of some build process somewhere in some respect; i.e., best possible advice is "Don't worry about it nor waste time looking into it unless you care just to satisfy your intellectual curiosity."


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