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Re: Version error from set-1.7.exe

What exactly is: "local package directory". My directory (/updates) is void of any *.ini files and it still complains. The only file "close" in my whole installation is a "setup-2.ini" which always seem to get re-created. Is maybe the mirror-site has an out-of-date .ini file? (/updates/

Dave Korn wrote:
  (Sorry, accidentally hit Ctrl+enter when I was trying to press Ctrl+v
followed by enter and ended up sending an empty reply.)

Paul McFerrin wrote:
I need a little help is getting rid of a pop-box from setup-1.7.exe:
  "The current .ini file is from a newer version of setup.exe ..."

I looked high & low for a setup.ini on my system and can not find one. Where is it locating one? I've re-download setu-1.7.exe from the web
site.and I still get the pop-up box.

I only wish that such pop-box's give the complete location of the file
it is complaining about.

The setup.ini file it is referring to is in your local package directory. You could fix it by blowing that away, or by just downloading the newer version of setup.exe.


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