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Re: GNU pth + cygwin + fork [Was: Re: fork failure?]

Dave Korn wrote:
>   My first thought would be to figure out what pth is attempting to do while
> messing in jmp_buf, and make it work.  It's bad, unmaintainable code, that
> will break again in the future if ever jmp_buf is rearranged - but it only has
> to stagger along for another couple of months until you can do it right using
> sigaltstack.

I did consider that, but frankly this whole business of "adjusting the
stack" by messing around inside the undocumented jmp_buf scares the
*bleep* out of me.  WAY too easy to get wrong, and my asm skills are too
rusty -- and too non-x86 -- to be trusted.

> Until then, slapping a band-aid on pth might be a lot less
> work-that-soon-has-to-be-thrown-away than hacking both libassuan and gpg to
> handle a different API.  (I say this without having yet done the research to
> figure out exactly what pth thinks it is doing to that jmp_buf and whether
> it's necessarily possible, but it ought to be.)

I'm sure it's possible, but IMO migrating libassuan/gnupg is easier --
for me.  As it turns out, in libassuan there's only one file that needs
to be modified. gnupg is a bit trickier, but not terrible -- and the
APIs, while annoyingly different, aren't totally dissimilar.


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