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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty-0.5.1-1

2009/10/16 Eric Backus:
> Unfortunately, cygwin's terminfo/termcap entries for XTERM say that the
> backspace key returns ^H. ÂThis can be seen by looking in /etc/termcap for
> xterm, and finding the 'kb' property for that entry, or by running 'infocmp
> xterm' and looking for the 'kbs' property.
> So, by default, mintty now does not match the terminfo/termcap entries. ÂIs
> there any way to fix this? ÂI hesitate to suggest changing the
> terminfo/termcap entries, since they should match the real xterm. ÂBut
> actually I don't run X11, so I don't know if the current terminfo/termcap
> really match xterm - the date on /etc/termcap at least is fairly old.

xterm does still send ^H, but I agree both xterm and its termcap entry
ought to be changed to match the new Cygwin 1.7 default and the Linux
world. I should have a look at how to do that.

Have you come across an application that stumbles over this? All the
one's I've tried seemed to go by the stty setting rather than the
termcap entry anyway.

The workaround is to stick the following somewhere in your startup files:

echo $'\e[?67h'
stty erase '^H'

The first line emits a 'DECBKM' sequence, which switches mintty back
to ^H mode, and the second line changes the pty setting accordingly.


ps: Oh gawd, how I hate this issue.

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