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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty-0.5.1-1

Andy Koppe <andy.koppe <at>> writes:

> =======
> Keyboard:
> - The default backspace keycode now is ^? rather than ^H, to make
> Ctrl+H available as a shortcut for other purposes, particularly as the
> help key in emacs. The backspace keycode option is gone. Instead, the
> DECBKM control sequence for changing the backspace keycode is now
> supported.

Unfortunately, cygwin's terminfo/termcap entries for XTERM say that the 
backspace key returns ^H.  This can be seen by looking in /etc/termcap for 
xterm, and finding the 'kb' property for that entry, or by running 'infocmp 
xterm' and looking for the 'kbs' property.

So, by default, mintty now does not match the terminfo/termcap entries.  Is 
there any way to fix this?  I hesitate to suggest changing the 
terminfo/termcap entries, since they should match the real xterm.  But 
actually I don't run X11, so I don't know if the current terminfo/termcap 
really match xterm - the date on /etc/termcap at least is fairly old.

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