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Re: fork failure?

Dave Korn wrote:

>   I'd investigate phdl.  

>   Now is it just my imagination, or does Vista really insert an extra ULONG
> bitfield at offset 4 in the struct resulting in all subsequent members being
> offset by 4 relative to other versions of Windows?  This needs verifying
> against the official MS headers.

  Nope, just looks like an artifact of the way that HTML documentation was
generated; the supposed "ULONG :1" bitfields are actually just the bits of the
BitField UCHAR, and not actually ULONG at all:

> From WinDbg, in Vista SP1:
> 0:000> dt ntdll!_PEB
>    +0x000 InheritedAddressSpace : UChar
>    +0x001 ReadImageFileExecOptions : UChar
>    +0x002 BeingDebugged    : UChar
>    +0x003 BitField         : UChar
>    +0x003 ImageUsesLargePages : Pos 0, 1 Bit
>    +0x003 IsProtectedProcess : Pos 1, 1 Bit
>    +0x003 IsLegacyProcess  : Pos 2, 1 Bit
>    +0x003 IsImageDynamicallyRelocated : Pos 3, 1 Bit
>    +0x003 SkipPatchingUser32Forwarders : Pos 4, 1 Bit
>    +0x003 SpareBits        : Pos 5, 3 Bits
>    +0x004 Mutant           : Ptr32 Void
>    +0x008 ImageBaseAddress : Ptr32 Void
>    +0x00c Ldr              : Ptr32 _PEB_LDR_DATA
>    +0x010 ProcessParameters : Ptr32 _RTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS

  Ah well, sorry about the red herring.

  (Mind you, it does also say

> // The PEB and TEB structures are subject to changes between Windows
> // releases, thus the fields offsets may change as well as the Reserved
> // fields.  The Reserved fields are reserved for use only by the Windows
> // operating systems.  Do not assume a maximum size for the structures.

but that doesn't seem to be a possibility here in particular right at the
start of the struct.)


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