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Re: fork failure?

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Oh, CRAP.
> Wait.
> The libassuan test ALSO uses fork/exec.  It is NOT trying to pass fds
> between completely unrelated processes.  I bet if I get libassuan's test
> working, that will solve the gpg-agent problem too.
> Well, at least that makes the change/build/test cycle easier.  And it
> means I don't need to worry about 'why can't I get gpg-agent to work in
> non-daemon mode'.

False alarm. Yes, while the two process do have a parent/child
relationship, (a) fork succeeds -- an actual child process is created
(b) the file descriptor passwed is NOT opened prior to fork and
inherited, in this test. It is opened by the parent AFTER the child is
forked, and (supposedly) sent to the child over fairly typical
parent/child pipes using the assuan protocol.  This doesn't work on
cygwin, as discussed in other threads.

So, I'm back to
  1) muck with libassuan, build, install
  2) muck with gpg-agent. build, install
  3) test gpg-agent using gpg2
  4) return to 1)



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