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Re: Passing file descriptors over a socket

On Oct 14 06:41, Dave Korn wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
> > If not, what sort of "not" is it? (a) possible, but nobody has had the
> > time or inclination to implement (b) not possible on win32 (c) possible,
> > but REALLY hard -- case (a) on steroids.
>   Well, there's going to be DuplicateHandle involved in it, to copy the
> underlying os handle into the new process, but that's going to be the
> trivially easy bit.  The real *tricky* part is likely going to be marshalling
> the corresponding fhandler_* objects across process boundaries.  That plus
> there will probably be some required support to handle these fds and how they
> interact across process groups, close-on-exec, fork and exec, etc., etc., -
> all the usual tricky areas.
>   You probably should have had another option:
>  (d) Who knows?  Not me, I've never scoped it out and maybe nobody has - the
> obvious parts are easy to guess, but the unobvious parts are going to be where
> all the complications arise.

It's more of an (e) possible, quite tricky, and a lot of work to get
it right.


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