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Re: [OT] Re: Want to use tor with wget.

Hongyi Zhao wrote:

> Good, thanks a lot, I've got it.

  You didn't get this bit:

>> [ We're offtopic here since it's not a cygwin-specific issue anymore, so I've
>> set a follow-up to the cygwin-talk list in case you have further questions or
>> replies. ]

  Possibly your mailer is configured in some way that it did not make use of
the Followup-to: header?  We really should have moved this thread offlist.

  Also it is not helpful to repost the entire message, everyone has already
seen it.  Please trim quotes when replying.  Also, please, it would be most
considerate of you to avoid using the form of reply-header:

> Hongyi Zhao wrote:
>> On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 21:09:32 +0100, Dave Korn
>> <dave.korn.cygwin@goo[CENSORED].c0m> wrote:

that quotes someone's email address like that, as posting an email address in
the body (rather than the headers) of the text results in it being stored in
the web archive of the email in an easily-harvestable form, resulting in
measurable increase in spam received by the person whose email address you
quote.  See how I removed the part after the @ sign when replying to you, so
that you would not get harvested and spammed:

>> hongyi.zhao wrote:
>>> On Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 13:44, dave.korn.cygwin wrote:

  Anyway, I'm glad your problem is solved, just reminders for next time you
need to post on the list.


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