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RE: sshd / VC builds / Fatal Error C1902

Thanks for the suggestion.   The path is the same with bash from Windows and bash from a ssh session.   I think this problem has come up before and it was related to the sshd impersonation.   As others have noted, a work around is to ssh in as the same user sshd runs under, but that makes things messy when multiple users want to share the server.


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> From: Stephen Bennett [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 2:26 AM
> To:
> Subject: RE: sshd / VC builds / Fatal Error C1902
> > The gist is that cl works from Windows, but dies with:
> >
> >     Fatal Error C1902: Program database manager mismatch; 
> please check your installation.
> >
> > when invoked from a ssh session using a different account 
> than the account sshd is running under.
> My first reaction to that would be to check that your PATH 
> variable is correct, especially if you have multiple versions 
> of Visual Studio installed. I've seen that message while 
> using one version of cl.exe, when PATH points to a different 
> version of mspdbsrv.exe.
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