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Re: 1.7.0: find is crashing w/ assertion error

Brad Walker wrote:
> I am running version 1.7 of Cygwin on my Windows 2003 box. It runs
> really well except for a problem that I see quite often.
> When executing find I get the following error:
> $ find . -name cpfls.exe
> ./cpfcmdbin_cxc_4/debug/cpfls.exe
> ./cpfcmdbin_cxc_4/bin/cpfls.exe
> assertion "ent->fts_info == FTS_NSOK || state.type != 0" failed: file
> "/usr/src/findutils-4.5.4-1/src/findutils-4.5.4/fi
> nd/ftsfind.c", line 475, function: consider_visiting
> Aborted (core dumped)
> Is this a known problem?

  Yes, I'm sure we had this one recently, hang on while I google my inbox...

Thread: "find assert (was Re: [1.7] System reboot (udfs.sys),...)"
(around late dec '08 - early jan '09)

Post "find(1) assertion for folder with a sub-folder named `x:'"
19/06/2009 10:55

Thread "updatedb crashed"
23/07/2009 04:37

Thread "findutils-4.5.4-1 problem (updatedb crashing)"
05/08/2009 00:34

  Looks like the bug got referred back upstream after the first thread, and
we're still waiting for a new release from them.


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