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Problem with XP Pro at work.

This is killing me, and I need some help trying to find out what is

I'm using XP pro at work, and I've installed Cygwin on my computer
(Lenovo laptop).

Lately, when I reboot, the computer gets as far as "Applying computer
settings", and sits there.  For hours.  Tech Support takes it, destroys
my old profile, creates a new profile, and it works.

Then, my cygwin Xserver can't be started.  (I didn't realize that the
cygwin installer wrote anything to my profile.  Hardware settings,

So, then I run setup.exe again on the Xserver parts, and everything is
fine and dandy.

Until I reboot again.

Wet hair, lather, rinse, repeat.

I don't think it is cygwin, because there is other software that I have

How do I prove 'conclusively' that it is NOT cygwin causing this
behavior.  Without going back to tech support multiple times to
re-profile my computer.

To me, this machine is worthless without cygwin running on it.   It is
really only being used to read my mail (Outlook Exchange), and
administer remote linux machines.

Any ideas?  Any at all (well, non-destructive, please).


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