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Re: Segfault under cygwin 1.7.62

On Oct 13 05:20, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Vin Shelton writes:
>  > The new behavior is different, but the problem is not yet fixed.
> OK.  It's possible that there remain problems in Cygwin, but the
> probability of an XEmacs bug is increasing.  New backtraces would be
> useful, I think, unless Aidan has a guess offhand.
>  > 4.  But when I try to run that XEmacs under gdb, I get different
>  > results: gdb doesn't detect a segfault, and the test seems to run to
>  > completion:
> That could be a Cygwin or GCC problem then, I don't see why running
> under GDB would prevent the crash.
>  > Unexpected error (invalid-argument "Invalid (GNU Emacs) key format
>  > (see doc of define-key)" C-f9) while executing byte-compiled code.
> That could be memory corruption; I don't see where keystrokes would be
> coming in.  Maybe Aidan knows.
>  > Do I need some additional cygwin changes other than the dll?  Corinna
>  > - I noticed that you changed the "DEFAULT_LOCALE" in
>  > include/cygwin/config.h (DEFAULT_LOCALE) to  "C.UTF-8". Do I need to
>  > import that change into my compile-time environment somehow?  Or is
>  > there an environment variable that needs to be set to alter runtime
>  > behavior?
> That should not affect XEmacs behavior.  If changing the locale
> variables makes a difference, then it's in Cygwin, I think.

Actually, no.  Cygwin doesn't care for the default locale value itself.
It's the system default locale set and returned by setlocale(LC_ALL, "")
if none of the locale environment variables is set, per
The net result within Cygwin is the same, the charset is set to UTF-8.


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