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Re: Problem [1.7] find ... | xargs ... in [1.7]: too fast for its own good?

 I tried this with the Cygwin release directory multiple times, with
 the release dir on a local drive as well as on a remote NFS drive. I
 can't reproduce this weird behaviour.  I'm wondering if that's one of
 these dreaded BLODA problems again...

Thank you very much indeed for trying this. The reported problem occurred on my work machine with Windows 7, only marginally better than Vista in my limited experience so far (on a machine running which I have so far been unable to test this phenomenon). Here at home with XP SP3, there is no such bad behaviour, with all file-handling and manipulation using both [1.5] and [1.7] as steady as a rock.

A strange feature -- and annoying, because this very weekend past I had resolved to mothball [1.5] and simply get on with [1.7] as my default system of choice, precisely because it is so fast. The misbehaviour seems guaranteed with 1.7.62 and 1.7.61 (I mean, the precise manifestation of the fault varies unpredictably with the occasion, but some kind of error occurs with probability 1). I think I will try a reversion to 1.7.60 and earlier, to try to see whether there is a clear commencement, but presently I suspect the W7 platform*.

(* Can't go for 10 consecutive minutes without incurring the "Windows Explorer has stopped working" glitch. Excruciating. Does anybody know a cure?)


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