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Re: Segfault under cygwin 1.7.62

Vin Shelton writes:

 > The new behavior is different, but the problem is not yet fixed.

OK.  It's possible that there remain problems in Cygwin, but the
probability of an XEmacs bug is increasing.  New backtraces would be
useful, I think, unless Aidan has a guess offhand.

 > 4.  But when I try to run that XEmacs under gdb, I get different
 > results: gdb doesn't detect a segfault, and the test seems to run to
 > completion:

That could be a Cygwin or GCC problem then, I don't see why running
under GDB would prevent the crash.

 > Unexpected error (invalid-argument "Invalid (GNU Emacs) key format
 > (see doc of define-key)" C-f9) while executing byte-compiled code.

That could be memory corruption; I don't see where keystrokes would be
coming in.  Maybe Aidan knows.
 > Do I need some additional cygwin changes other than the dll?  Corinna
 > - I noticed that you changed the "DEFAULT_LOCALE" in
 > include/cygwin/config.h (DEFAULT_LOCALE) to  "C.UTF-8". Do I need to
 > import that change into my compile-time environment somehow?  Or is
 > there an environment variable that needs to be set to alter runtime
 > behavior?

That should not affect XEmacs behavior.  If changing the locale
variables makes a difference, then it's in Cygwin, I think.

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