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Re: Cygwin support for large files

Rocco Scappatura wrote:
> I fear that it is the kernel (cygwin engine) that can't manage file
> greater than 4GB.

Cygwin has supported large files since version 1.5.0 (although depending
on context, applications themselves might make unwarranted assumptions
that break large file support, like assuming that file size or offset
fits into a 'long').

> Is there any way to workaround this limitation?

The limitation is in the version of ZIP provided in the cygwin-1.5
distrbution.  ZIP64 support was added in zip-3.0:

> Zip64 support.  This version supports Zip64 archives as described in the
> PKWare AppNote.  These archives use additional fields to support archives
> greater than 2 GB and files in archives over the 2 GB previous limit (4 GB
> on some ports).  The Zip64 format also allows more than 64k entries in an
> archive.  Support by the OS for files larger than 4 GB is needed for Zip to
> create and read large files and archives.  On Unix, Win32, and some other
> ports, large file and Zip64 support is automatically checked for and
> compiled in if available.  Use of Zip64 by Zip is automatic and to maximize
> backward compatibility the Zip64 fields will only be used if needed.  A
> Zip64 archive requires a pkzip 4.5 compatible unzip, such as UnZip 6.0.

What version of ZIP is being used on your remote cygwin machine?


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