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Re: X keyboard not working after re-install

On 11/10/2009 21:12, Dr. Richard Engelkemeir wrote:
I ran ccygwin setup to download developer tools for ncurses.
It also downloaded uninstalled and re-installed several other packages.
I did this while I had cygwin with XWin --multiwindow running and
both xterm(s) and emacs (X) running.
I got a message about 'being in use' and closed my windows,
later using Windows task manager to stop XWin.
Since then I've not been able to type in either an xterm or emacs - the
menus with the mouse work OK.
I also get
unable to open display ''
when I start up for both xmodmap and xrdb.
I can bring up xterm or emacs but not type in the windows.
xev does show the keyboard.
I did have to download xev, which I thought I had before,
along with xdpyinfo and xwininfo (again, likely I had them)
cygcheck doesn't indicate any problems, with several of the flags tested.

Any ideas on what I can do to get running again - something missing or
needing re-installation ?

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