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Re: 1.7 unattended install

On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 23:47, Andy Koppe <> wrote:
> 2009/10/10 Â<>:
>> When I use the script above, it appears that the --site I specify is
>> added to the list. ÂHowever, using that entry always results in the
>> failure message:
>> Â ÂUnable to get setup-2.ini from <>
>> This happens for every --site, not just Xmission.
> You need the full path to the actual Cygwin mirror directory at the
> site. Looks like in this case. (I
> agree this isn't obvious.)
> Andy

Many thanks, Andy.  Your suggestion works.

Any documentation you could point me to would be a help.

I am wondering if there are any provisions for anything other than "install?"

Perhaps you or someone is already doing this, so my suggestion may be
moot.  For each package, could the package name be prefixed by an
operator to indicate what action to take?

+  install  <default, assumes install if no operator specified as is
done currently>
-  uninstall
~  reinstall
^  source

--packages curl,-apache,+apache2,+apache2-devel,~bind,^httptunnel

This line would indicate:

install curl, uninstall apache, install apache2 and apache2-devel,
reinstall bind, get source for httptunnel

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