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Re: gdb, insight, and tcltk

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> With all due respect, Chuck, when are interactions with you ever
> *minimal*?  Nearly every message you send is a slightly longer retelling
> of War and Peace.  :-)

Rgt. Wz trng t ly out al issuz to permnently nd subthrd wrt gdb/insight.
So no mor dscssn abt that.

> I appreciate that you are trying to help but I do have the technical
> acumen to deal with these issues myself.  However, if I decide to give
> up gdb maintainership, you'll be first on my list of people to contact.

Rlly mr cncrnd now abt tcltk, leavng gdb/insight fr yu entire.

The rebuilt tcltk can be used as is, replacing the existing version with
-- as far as I can tell -- no impact on any existing clients, because
all changes in directory layout appear to be hidden from those clients.
The difference is, this version of tcltk clears the way for X-based
versions to be deployed (either soon, or after some time).


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