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RE: Many Cygwin (mintty) windows - How to close all?

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> Date: Thu=2C 8 Oct 2009 14:20:33 -0400
> Subject: Re: Many Cygwin (mintty) windows - How to close all?
> From: Chris
> To:
>>> Is there some sort of Cygwin command that -
>>> 1. Closes all Mintty windows
>>> 2. Unloads services - such as cron
>>> 3. Exits X server
>>> in short=2C gets rid of all Cygwin processes so I can update & restart
>>> without having to do all this myself.
>> I use the attached script (run it elevated on Vista and above) before
>> updating with setup. This is only tested on Vista.
> Doing a 'kill -9 -1' works for me in terms of getting rid of all my
> mintty windows at once. I'm not sure if it will kill services and
> exit the X server as well.
Hi All...
I tried "kill -9 -1" and it worked (bash builtin)=2C but "/bin/kill -9 -1"
segfaulted. In both cases=2C I was running elevated on Vista with
CYGWIN_NT-6.0 Coyote 1.7.0(0.214/5/3) 2009-10-03 14:33 i686 Cygwin

...Karl 		 	   		  =0A=
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